Dear Moslem Leaderpreneurship Generation, Welcome to Rahmatan Lilalamin High School

All praises and gratitudes are for Almighty Alloh ﷻ for His blessings and guidance upon us. Peace and blessings of Almighty Allah are always upon our beloved prophet Muhammad ﷺ, His family, His companions and followers who remained Muslims until the end of time. We must remember the first word from Almighty Allah to our beloved Muhammad, peace and blessings be upon Him, is Iqra which means ‘read’ (seek knowledge)

Education is a mean of forming human civilization, if we are able to manage it well, we will be able to prepare fair and wise Moslems, who Insha Allah will be righteous Khalifahs in this world.

In doing so, education is aimed to build well-rounded individuals to carry the Amanah with the hope that they’ll be able to safeguard the world from destructions.

This spirit has inspired us to establish Rahamatan Lil Alamin Boarding School. It is an integrated excellent school which acts upon national standards and possesses an international view. Graduates from this school are expected to be genuine Mu’mins, and exemplary people so that they will be future leaders possessing high academic achievements. With this goal in mind, they will be able to compete and be admitted to International and National Institutions to continue their higher educations with excellence.

Such graduates can only be produced when all the learning elements (input, process, and output) are integrated on an ongoing intellectual basis. The founders are positive that through putting Al-Qur’an and Hadiths as the core of the students’ lives and their source of knowledge and skills combined with the Islamic Teaching System, InsyaAlloh, the genuine Insan Rahmatan lil’alamin can be established.

Rahmatan Lil ‘Alamin International Islamic School provide 3 curriculum which are

ELP-RLA (Executive Leaderpreunership Program)

To support the realization of the Muslim Leaderpreneurship Program, Rahmatan Lil ‘Alamin International Islamic Boarding School has the privilege in helping students develop themselves, namely by Executive Leaderpreneurship Program. In detail, this program is described on the next page.


This is a special program that is developed by Rahmatan Lil ‘Alamin International Islamic Boarding School. This activity is intended to ensure that the knowledge gained during school can be applied directly for the community. empowerment with the abilities possessed by each student.


Rahmatan Lil ‘Alamin International Islamic Boarding School provides many extracurricular activities. These activities are used to increase students’ soft skills to prepare them in facing the real world competition.


PCP-RLA Community is a program that asks students’ parents to demonstrate their career as models for the students of Rahmatan Lil ‘Alamin International Islamic Boarding School. For example; there is a parent who works as chef, so she/he will show the cooking skill in front of the students. This will also be applicable for other occupations.



BSMR and Thibbun Nabawi



Islamic Qur’an Sunnah Immersion

Tahfizh Program
Da’wah speech program
Qira’atul kutub

Girl Program

Modeste and Cooking Club

Olympics Student (Science and Math)

Science club
Social Studies Olympic
Knowledge and Technology
Research development


Horse Riding
Martial Art