MMemorize Hadist Arba’in, Kitabul Jami’ Matan Usulul Tsalatsah, and Qowaidul Arba’

Students are expected to be able to memorize the hadits, the second guidance in Islam, and its accompanying knowledge and to apply them in their real life.

Be Able to Speak Both Arabic and English

With an active trilingual environment, students are encouraged to speak in three languages, mostly in both English and Arabic, so that it will help them to be the fluent speakers in all languages.

Be open minded with outstanding knowledge on global insights

By applying the integration of both national and international curriculums, students are guided to have broad knowledge on the world by providing them with authentic materials to support their learning process.

Memorize 5 Juz of Al-Qur’an

Students are expected to memorise at least 5 juz of Al-Qur’an as the main guidance of life. Every morning for around 40 minutes the students are given time to do the memorisation (Muroja’ah).

Master more than one skills through extracurricular activities

Students are fully encouraged to be active not only inside the classroom but also outside the classroom by joining extracurricular activities which will enrich their skills.

Have strong commitment to apply the Islamic value

Students are fully monitored so that they really apply the values of Islam in every act they do.

Worth the Value

With facilities and infrastructure that are very representative for learning and doing self-development, the overall quality of RLA-IIBS is worth every value of your investment. Moreover, we provide affordable costs and a financing system that prioritizes convenience which is a plus point of RLA-IIBS.


We have already established partnership and collaboration with hundred of schools and universities in more than 30 countries around the world. Through this strategic partnership, we believe that it will allow the students to be accustomed to building network with global community which will benefit them in the future.


The teaching and learning process in Gistrav Islamia School will be supported by the use of an up-to-date apple tablet which will be provided to all students. This technology provision will enable the students to be kept updated to the latest technology advancement and information. By this, the students are expected to be a skilful next generation who can compete well in answering the demand of the changing world.